Protect Your Wireless

Protect Your Wireless

Protect Your Wireless

Protect Your Wireless

Top 6 Ways to Protect Your Wireless Network

While there are many threats you face when you run a business that has a wireless network, there are several steps that can be taken to protect your network.


We have a wireless network at our home and work. We purchased a router that has ZERO security. Once connected to the internet, he could access our computers as though he were on the local LAN. Over the next several months, he used our computers to go on every sort of social website you can think of, leaving us each with a mountain of trash picked up from the internet.


So What’s the Solution? สล็อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย


There are several solutions:Protect Your WirelessProtect Your WirelessProtect Your Wireless


1. Have a security system installed that will alert you when someone hacks your network.


2. Don’t go wireless until you have bought a wireless security system.


3. Keep in mind that social networking sites are not the same as online gaming sites, and the difference is that you actually see people playing online, which makes the exposure of your network and information much more convenient for a hacker.


4. Do not divulge too much information about your system.


5. Disable the remote access to your router. This will give you more control over who can access your network. However, takes away the convenience of having someone come to you, if you have given them permission.


6. Make sure that your operating system is up to date with the patches and updates.


7. Disable unnecessary services on your computer. This will Laura your computer free to work in the background.


8. Back up critical of information that is on your computer. This will ensure that you will not lose your files and folders. However, a hacker might just destroy your computer and if you have saved the document on your computer, then you might not even realize it.


For these few steps, you will be amazed to see the difference when you start having problems with your computer. Before, it would take us weeks to do a new computer pass word, and then it would take months to do all the rest of the necessary tasks to get a computer up and running. Now, we can do everything ourselves – from setting up passwords to filling out financial forms online. It’s makes sense to us, after all, we do not need to visit a travel agent to choose a suitable hotel or deal with the nuances of catching a hotel on a distant outpost.


But is that the only difference?


Sure, that’s great, but doesn’t mean that everyone should surf the net that way. Or, well, an average Joe should still use a little common sense when encountering a stranger in real life.


The other part of the answer is education. Learn as much as you can about how the hackers think and what they can do. If you stumble upon something that is truly interesting, then you will be able to return to it, more refreshed and aware.


For example, if you have been having trouble with someone on an online forum, and they have been sending you emails to no avail, try to reason with them and learn if they really have no intention of causing you trouble. Or if their conduct was rather aggressive or threatening.


Remind yourself that the person could be telling the truth, but it doesn’t mean that everyone who might be a victim of a scam is telling the truth. There is no reason to Hurt others online as if it was a real person. Let the buyer BEWARE and be careful online as well.

Protect Your Wireless